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Dec 5, 2013 3:00am EST
. microstill have macro and research. 15 minutes from now, we have guy johnson. you have carmakers. >> yes. you have it coming into europe and the car is new. the status symbol that goes with it certainly is not. there is the car sector and a little bit of detail. ande is macro today standing that is delivered by the british chancellor. it is likely to be a statement that focuses on the ability to pay bills and making that easier. this is the politics theme that runs through everything. the bank of england will be interesting and make a statement . projections.tock what will they tell us about moving forward amir. the credit growth in the euro zone is looking bleak at the moment. if you look at the demands of the ecb, a should do something. many would argue that. will we get more from mario draghi? outlook may have some downgrades coming through from the ecb. there's plenty to talk about. >> guy johnson has the pulse in 20 minutes. let's go back to manus cranny. indeed. we have jonathan with me and he is the director at the national institute of economic and social research. it is great to have
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am EST
-anchor, guy johnson. we have a very packed and diverse show. we have some great interviews. >> the shoes in dominated by the death of nelson mandela. we will of course be covering that and south africa moving forward from here. we'll be talking to goldman sachs' head of south africa. he will be joining us from johannesburg. we'll get his taken to news we had sadly overnight. we'll be talking to the irish finance minister, michael noonan. what is the future of ireland once it moves from that protective shield? what kind of story is it going to be? what happens to the banks? what kind of protection is there for this country if it needs further assistance down the road? michael noonan will be joining us in the 10:00 hour. we have some big announcements coming through from tech city today. we will get analysis on what we are going to learn today. it is going to be an interesting announcement with some very high profile faces at this event. plus we have the c.e.o. of legal in general. that is coming up on the first hour of "the pulse." diverse, fascinating. it is going to be a busy two hours.
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
johnson. >> i'm francine lacqua. let's get straight to the top corporate story. fiat is planning a $9 billion investment in new models. >> it is part of their turnaround strategy to end losses in europe and revise its italian factories. jonathan ferro joins us now with the details. big money, big focus on the romeo. marks like alfa >> it is not just about upscale and luxury, it is about the cars and fiat that are actually selling, the 500, the alfa romeo that has mass is potential at the luxury end of things and the maserati as well. u.s. selling more in the than anywhere else. it is about made in italy and it looks like it is going to be about sold in the united states. has beent in europe doing so badly and they have had to cut jobs within italy itself heard good news because they're actually leveraging the luxury branding that goes with the identity of italy. that is where these cars are going to be, at the high-end. let's be honest, the 500 is not the lecture end. it is considered cool and premium. they're going to leverage that. >> definitely cool. the ceo is considered the enfan
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3